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Signal Studio C model license to :  
  For instrument hosts E4438C, E660xA/B, E8267D, N51xxA/B, M9484C, N90x0A/B, UXR:
Enter Model and Serial Number
(Example: N5182B,US12345678)

For PC hosts M938xA, M942xA, E6640A, E6650A or M9336A:
Enter the PC Host ID
(Example: PCSERNO,ED12345678)

For hosts E6610A, N824xA, M933xA:
Enter the instrument Model Number and Serial Number and the PC Host ID
(Example: M9331A,US12345678,PCSERNO,US12345678)

For M819xA, Enter the Model Number and PC Host ID
(Example: M8190A,PCSERNO,ED12345678

For P9336A, enter the chassis Model Number, Chassis Serial Number and Chassis ID
(Example: P6001A,US1234578,ABCDEF123456789)
Note: this model does not support Transportable options

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